Dropping Alpha 3.0 Box: The Ultimate Tool Kit to Maximize your Citizen Conflict Experience
Dropping Alpha 3.0 Box: The Ultimate Tool Kit to Maximize your Citizen Conflict Experience

Dropping Alpha 3.0 Box: The Ultimate Tool Kit to Maximize your Citizen Conflict Experience

Blog By Pavel Soral

Aug 10, 2023, 4 min

After the run of a hyped-up opening season, we are putting Syndicate Boxes to sleep. We hope you took the most of it. If not, don’t worry. We are back with the Citizen Conflict release this August, accompanied by another set of mystery boxes. We introduce Alpha 3.0 Box, the ultimate tool kit to emerge as Alpha in the Citizen Conflict arena. What to expect? Another plentiful dose of utility-rich tressures clutched in the metal jaws of Alpha 3.0 Box.

Designed in Metropolit City, made in Airfield, powered by BNB Chain.


Exploring the Alpha 3.0 Box Contents

Alpha Box boosts the Citizen Conflict experience with the complete toolset to dominate your citizen ranks. Open it up, and rewards will flood you in fistfuls! It’s designed to equip all daredevils who put their feet on the Ether Islands’ battlegrounds with gear to kill for… or with.

Become the Citizen Full Collection

Alpha Box clutches its metal jaws on the complete collection of Become the Citizen NFT avatars. Pry its jaws open and get access to unlimited pieces of all 15 hero avatars from Become the Citizen collection. Don't forget, every single Become the Citizen NFT is your ticket in the $QORPO Airdrop raffle. Hoard as many as possible, and boost up your chance of $10,000 Airdrop in $QORPO tokens.


Double Boost Ticket

Citizen Conflict Alpha 3.0 neons up the night sky with a tournament worth up to $3,000 in the overall prize pool. Grind away in the virtual battle arenas from the day first and double your prize with a Double Boost Ticket. There’s no limit to Double Boosts in the Alpha Box.


Airdrop Warranty Ticket

Break the mold of $QORPO Airdrop chances. Ditch the raffle game and lock your chunk of Airdrop for granted. Alpha Box holds 500 pieces of the Airdrop Warranty Ticket. Each ticket blesses holders with $10 dollars in $QORPO Airdrop!


Exclusive Tunkas hero edition - "RoboCHAD"

Despite his unforgiving swagger, Tunkas has never been this cool before. Fancied up with substantial NASA-punk tweaks and in-your-face Alpha vibes, his RoboCHAD incarnation makes his old self pale in comparison. RoboCHAD is a highly limited Citizen Conflict hero NFT, coming in 1000 pieces only. It’s available ONLY in Alpha Box and will NEVER be minted again.


How to get the Alpha 3.0 Box?

If the game development industry wasn’t notorious for dynamic changes in plans, hectic crunch times, and dramatic turns of events, we’d promise to have you in Ether Islands’ arenas again tomorrow. Obviously, as a game studio, we are subject to the glitz and grime of game dev standards. But we promise to unleash Citizen Conflict Alpha 3.0 in August - and it might be sooner than you’d bet.

When Alpha 3.0 is finally out, we will start the most extreme giveaway so far. Each of you can hoard countless tons of Alpha 3.0 Boxes, yet every victory is paved by brave deeds. To put your hands on the box, you’ll have to prove your citizenship!


  • Registration - Are you a new user? We will automatically drop you an Alpha 3.0 Box upon successfully signing up. This is a one-time drop that goes out to honor new users - emerging citizens in arms.

  • The First Game Played - It feels great to sign up for an awesome project, right? It feels even more splendid to earn rewards for trying out what you came for. Finish the first game of Citizen Conflict Alpha 3.0. No matter what the result is, you won’t leave without the box in your Wallet.

  • Daily Tasks - As soon as the game’s out, we will introduce a set of daily tasks to keep you on the edge of your seat. Complete all of them daily and get the well-deserved Alpha 3.0 Box. How about merging fun with rewards? We’re always in!

  • Random Surprise - We love surprises! Especially as glowing as this one. After every match of Citizen Conflict Alpha 3.0, a random player can get the Alpha 3.0 Box and marvel at its secrets.

  • Daily Draw - You are welcome to mint one Alpha 3.0 Box per day. Every 24 hours, you have a chance to claim the loot for free - all you have to cover is a minting fee. Grab your daily rewards and enjoy Citizen Conflict Alpha 3.0 with style!

How Does the Alpha 3.0 Box Work? - Selling, Minting, Opening

There are many things you can do with it, for it being a box. Right? As your Alpha 3.0 Box lands on your Wallet, it’s just a mere Virtual Asset, just like in any Web2 game. Why such a weird move? To save you from minting fees when you decide to sell and not use it.


  • Selling the Box - If you decide to sell the box on the market, you are offering an off-chain Virtual Asset, a digital item similar to those in any popular Web2 game you like. But you can still sell it on our NFT marketplace! Furthermore, you pay no fees for the transaction since the Box will be minted at the time of arrival in the buyer’s Wallet. Thus, minting fees are on the one who buys. But worry not, you can pay for the Box in any cryptocurrency you see fit.

  • Minting the Box - To open the Alpha 3.0 Box and get access to all the treasures inside, you have to mint it. The ability to give you the assets inside can be perceived as the NFT utility. Therefore, there’s no other way how to get them but make your virtual box a full-fledged NFT. But don’t get shaky, it’s super easy. Just click on the cog icon next to the virtual asset and choose the “mint” option. Pay the minting fee in any cryptocurrency, and the Alpha 3.0 Box is all yours to open.

  • Opening the Box - Once you have your Alpha 3.0 Box minted, you’ll be introduced to an opening interface. Just click open, cover the minting fee of the NFT that drops, and you have it. The first gem from the Alpha 3.0 Box has arrived your way.

Just a notice, the Alpha 3.0 Boxes will be valid ONLY in the course of Citizen Conflict Alpha 3.0 season. We will then put the game to rest for a while and bury the Alpha 3.0 Boxes for good. You won’t be able to open it after the Citizen Conflict Alpha 3.0 is over. So don’t slack; open it up and take your Citizen Conflict experience to the next level with prizes worth a fortune.


Blog By Pavel Soral

Aug 10, 2023, 4 min

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